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10 Reel ideas for your brand: what to show in the video


The short video format demonstrates much greater reach and much higher engagement rates than regular picture posts. But what should you shoot to make videos work for your business and increase the number of subscribers and sales?

10 ideas from

People love to watch people. 

Show those who are behind your business - employees, founder. Let them tell you why they love their work, what contribution they make to the production of the product, and why they chose this particular profession.

Show how you feel when purchasing your product.

Capture your product in action: how does it affect the buyer's mood? How can it make the buyer's life more comfortable? Does it emphasize status? Does it promote development? Show that your product is profitable.

Communicate your values.

Do you have environmentally friendly production and packaging? Be sure to talk about it, and you will get a response from those for whom environmental friendliness is also a value. What other values does your company have? Take them into account and be sure to highlight and demonstrate them in the video - this way you can build strong brand relationships with those who share its values.

Record reviews from satisfied customers.

It is reviews in video format that inspire more trust.

Show how to use your product. If you produce food, share recipes. Make or sell cosmetics - show examples of makeup with your products. If you sew clothes, show off stylish ready-made looks.

Destroy myths, share life hacks.

Such formats consistently arouse the interest of viewers. Collect myths about your product and tell them how it really is. Share useful tips from your niche like an expert.

Use trends and news feeds.

Is all the network talking about the new season of the popular series? Think about how you can connect it with your brand. Stay on top of the big news stories and let them make your content go viral. For example, Pantone announced peach as the color of the year. Sushi producers immediately took the news feed into account, because the color of salmon is very similar to that same peach.

Launch challenges.

For example, Guess once invited users to shoot a before-and-after video: wearing old, worn clothes and a new look from Guess. Users eagerly took up this idea. Result: more than 5,000 thousand people “advertised” Guess clothing on themselves and more than 70 million watched such “advertising”.

Teach. Continuous learning is a trend in modern society.

Master classes, webinars, and other educational formats will help you attract new audiences and earn their trust. Don't be afraid to talk about mistakes. Such sincerity attracts users. You just need to wrap everything up in a story with a happy ending: here we made a mistake, but here we found a brilliant way out of the situation - and voila, in the end it turned out even better than planned.

Well, if the crisis of ideas has tormented you, contact We always have a lot of creative ideas for your business.

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