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How to write SEO texts in 2024?


Search engine algorithms are getting smarter and paying attention not only to keywords, but also to the overall relevance and value of the content. Let's look at how to write SEO texts so that your website occupies leading positions in search results.

Analyze user’s intent

If a user is looking for a recipe for lasagna, then you need to give him a recipe for lasagna, and not start with a long piece of text about how the history of this dish goes back to ancient times.

Analyze search queries

Keyword research remains the foundation of effective SEO content creation. Use advanced tools and analytics to identify not only popular keywords, but also long-tail keywords that your target audience is looking for. This strategic approach ensures that content directly addresses user needs.

Write correct titles and meta descriptions

Don’t forget to write compelling titles and meta descriptions (Title, Description, not to be confused with the visible title on the page - H1), which not only contain the main keywords, but also encourage users to click. A well-written Description serves as a short preview, reassuring users that your content answers their questions.

Take care of text structure

Break your content into easy-to-read sections with meaningful subheadings. Search engines prioritize content that is easy to navigate, and a well-structured article increases both readability and search engine visibility. Don't forget to use headings in different order with keywords, they rank well in search engines.

Integrate multimedia

Integrate multimedia elements into your content. Upload relevant images, infographics, and videos to grab your audience's attention and let search engines know that your content is rich and valuable to the user.

Delegate SEO-optimization to professionals

Perhaps the main tip that will help you save time and start receiving applications from the site faster. Book a free consultation at - we’ll discuss the details and make your website sell.

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