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What is quiz marketing and when is it effective?


Quiz marketing is based on interactive interaction with users. The audience is invited to give answers, perform a simple action, make a combination and receive a bonus for this - for example, a discount or promotional code.

Types of quiz marketing:





Quiz is useful at any stage of the sales funnel. They help to find out the needs of the audience and find out what they think about the product, so that they can then create a relevant offer. Tests and quizzes help you enrich customer data—learn more about them to create personalized offers.

You can create quiz landing pages or place quizzes directly in your email newsletter.

How does quiz marketing help you sell?

Users may not leave requests because they do not fully understand what they want. Visitors often leave a site to research prices and competitors - in the hope that they will later realize what they need.

Interactive surveys, tests, and questionnaires help automate the collection of user data. Quiz can unobtrusively lead the user to fill out the application form, and at the same time help to qualify him as a cold, warm or hot lead.

Here’s the successful case:

The online lingerie store received few orders. Potential customers were afraid that the product would not fit them in size. The company decided to add a survey to the site to help the audience make a choice. They asked what type of figure the visitor had, why she wanted to make a purchase, what size clothing from famous brands she already wore. Thus, the choice of products was narrowed down to several options and a special selection was shown based on the request and parameters of the potential buyer. The questionnaire helped increase the average bill because the audience trusted the personal offer and was ready to spend more money.

Who is not suitable for quiz marketing?

Quiz marketing is not suitable for promoting goods or services that buyers decide to purchase very quickly. For example, if a driver urgently needs to call a tow truck, he will not spend a few more minutes figuring out which company has the best service and how he would like to have the car towed.

However, remember: as in the case of other marketing tools, the performance of the quiz must be analyzed:

After what question does the audience most often decide to leave the test page?

Which test brings more registrations, etc.

If the first quiz was ineffective, this does not mean that quiz marketing does not work in your niche. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

It’s also useful to schedule a free consultation with us to determine which promotion tools will be most effective in your particular case.

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